German Harmonica Museum

The German Harmonica and Accordion Museum houses some of the most interesting and important historical artefacts documenting the rise of the reed instrument industry in Trossingen and elsewhere. As well as historical developments, the exhibition focusses on the instruments themselves, their design and not least their inventive packaging. The huge Hohner Collection has been organised systematically and includes over 25,000 different harmonica models from all over the world. As such it has a high cultural and historical value. Bear witness to a remarkably creative approach to marketing. Hohner’s ingenuity throughout the decades is evinced in models such as the “Zeppelin” or the “Banana Harmonica”. Lovingly designed children’s harmonicas, special construction designs and instruments featuring political or regional slogans such as “Hurra Schwobaland!” bear witness to an remarkably creative approach to marketing. No other industrial product reflects the spirit and history of an era so well as the harmonica and its colorfully unique packaging.
The permanent exhibition covers a wide variety of themes. In addition to the development of the entire family of reed instruments, it also documents the history of the harmonica and accordion movements as depicted in advertisements and documents from thousands of orchestras and groups. The exhibition also chronicles the social history of the era, the role of factory workers and white collar employees and the dependence of entire regions on the economic strength of the harmonica industry.

During the WHF-2021, the museum is also planning one special exhibition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the legendary Marine Band 1896 harmonica from HOHNER.