Friday, Nov. 5th, 2021


World of Chromonica
Time:    1:00 - ~7:30 pm (CET)

Hong Kong Harmonica Association
Harmonica Ensembles

(Hong Kong SAR, China)

Live-Interview & Concert:



4:15 - 4:55 pm

5:00 - 5:30 pm

Rivet Harmonica Ensemble

Rivet Harmonica Ensemble is formed by enthusiastic young harmonica players performing classical music with chromatic harmonicas and bass harmonicas. Rivet arranges classical music according to the unique characteristics of harmonica in the hope of redefining harmonica ensembles and exploring more possibilities for harmonica ensembles.

Since the formation of Rivet in 2014, it has been receiving invitations from various international music events, including Chengdu International Music Week, Asia-Pacific Exchange Gala Concert during Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in Taiwan, Bahrain Chinese culture days, and Seoul International Harmonica Festival. Also, with the aspiration of spreading Hong Kong harmonica culture, Rivet has been actively participating local performance. In 2019, it joined a couple of young harmonica ensembles to hold the Hong Kong Harmonica Successors concert.


Respire Harmonica Ensemble

Respire Harmonica Ensemble, formed by a group of young enthusiastic harmonica players and participated in various competitions and performances at the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival and the World Harmonica Festival. In 2017, they won the champion in the Open Category at the WHF. In Seoul International Harmonica Festival 2019, the Ensemble participated in 6 categories and was awarded 3 Firsts, 2 Seconds, and 1 Third. Respire hopes to gather harmonica enthusiasts from different fields and collaborate together to promote their beloved harmonica music to the public.






RedBricks is formed with five enthusiastic musicians from King’s College. They have been frequent winners in the World Harmonica Festival in Germany. However, winning trophies and awards is only the very start of their music journeys. They have performed as members of Hong Kong Harmonica Association in Shanghai Expo 2010, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany.

In 2017, the RedBricks represented Hong Kong to perform in Bahrain, Middle East. In the same year, the group was entitled the 3rd runner up in World Harmonica Festival Trio Category. In October 2018, RedBricks was invited by the Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau to join the 1st China International Import Expo in Shanghai, showcasing Hong Kong harmonica music in the National Exhibition Area. In June 2019, RedBricks represented Hong Kong to perform in Russia. RedBricks members have been performers and adjudicators in Seoul International Harmonica Festival held every year. In 2020, RedBricks collaborated with Korean Harmonica Artist PARK Jong-seong, they performed together in Festive Korea.

Other than that, Redbricks is actively performing in various commercial events such as the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. 

King´s Harmonica Quintet

Consisting of 2 treble, 2 tenor and 1 bass chromatic harmonicas, KHQ was established in 1987 to transcribe classical chamber music into the repertoire of harmonica ensemble, fully exploiting the capabilities of harmonica as a concert instrument.  Since 1999, KHQ pioneered the commissioning of original works for harmonica quintet that has grown to 30+.

In 1997, KHQ made a history in Hong Kong by winning the champion title in the World  Harmonica Championship in Germany.  In the 2 World Harmonica Festivals of 1995 in Japan and 1997 in Germany, members of KHQ seized a total of 16 awards, including 2 champions, 3  first runners-up and 2 second runners-up.

Since 1996, KHQ appear regularly in the biennial Asia Pacific Harmonica Festivals as adjudicators, performers and seminar speakers, as well as in the quadrennial World Harmonica Festivals in Germany since 2005. In 2002, it led the formation of the Hong Kong Harmonica Association which hosted the mega-scale 5th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2004 in Hong Kong, highly regarded as the most successful one.

KHQ had collaborated with all 4 major Hong Kong professional orchestras. It had been invited to perform in the prestigious Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2000 and 2010, appointed as the Artist-in-Residence of RTHK Radio 4 in 2006 and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2013.  KHQ was frequently invited by the HKSAR Government to perform in official functions, including notably the Chinese New Year trade promotion functions in Europe in 2007 and 2011.

To date, KHQ have appeared on concert stages in 30 cities.