For the 10th time since 1989, the World Harmonica Festival 2025 will present the most highly regarded harmonica competitions in the world.


The competitions are for different types of harmonica instruments and are sometimes subdivided into different stylistic categories such as classical, jazz or blues. They offer amateur players the unique opportunity to measure their instrumental skills against other players in a fair contest. Clearly defined criteria help the jury of experts (generally professional harmonica players) to adjudicate the competitors' performances correctly and analytically.


In previous years the competitions have witnessed some remarkable musical achievements which only serve to underline the fascination of the harmonica.


As is usual in such contests, all contestants receive certificates signed by the jury leader and the president of the festival. Attractive prizes await the winners of the individual categories.


In the end however, what really counts is the joy of playing the harmonica as part of a great event. Being there is everything!