Friday, Nov. 5th, 2021


World of Chromonica
Time:    1:00 - ~7:30 pm (CET)

Sirius Harmonica Ensemble (Taiwan)

Live-Interview & Concert:



5:45 - 6:25 pm

6:30 - 7:00 pm

Sirius is a trailblazing band of pure-harmonica music which is both high-energy and lively, that never fails to give an eye-opening experience to their audiences. Their repertoire consists of blending elements of tango, fusion jazz, latin and which are tinged with pop. Due to their love of refined sound quality and despite the size of the audiences, Sirius have unrelentingly high standards when it comes to the crisp and clear level of their sound system. They fervently believe in and insist on the perfect sound check to display the beauty of their harmonica sound. While pursuing their highest quality music in each performance, the band also craft their repertoire to maximise the pleasure and excitement of their fans.

When asked why they chose, let alone persisted with this “little-known” instrument, Sirius says “Harmonica is a very special and niche instrument and there are many of its potentials yet to discover. We aspire to bring the unique harmonica music to more people. We always aim to give our audiences different aspects to enjoy in every performance.” The band has created music rearrangements for harmonica from different genres since 2004. In 2011, Sirius were invited to their first overseas concert at Singapore Esplanade - Theatre by The Bay. Since then, the band has toured regularly across Asia and Europe.

In the year 2014, the band founded Taiwan Harmonica Music Competition (THMC), which became a prominent annual harmonica event in Taiwan, with the intention of improving the musical environment for harmonica fans and musicians.



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