Saturday, Nov. 6th, 2021


International Harp Masters
Time:    5:00 - ~10:30 pm (CET)

Steve Baker & The LiveWires (GB/Germany)

Live-Interview & Concert:

Live-Chat with Steve:


9:00 - 9:40 pm

9:45 - 10:15 pm

Festival co-director Steve Baker has been closely involved with the organisation of the World Harmonica Festival since its inception in 1989. His lengthy career as a professional harp player has taken him around the world and made him one of today’s most influential harmonica artists. His work as a live and studio musician, groundbreaking author of instructional books, teacher and workshop instructor has inspired and influenced a generation of harmonica players in many different countries. He has worked as a consultant to Hohner since 1987, playing a role in many new developments during this time..

Characterised by subtle, rhythmically accented phrasing, his expressive and lyrical sound draws on the blues harmonica tradition and combines it with elements from country, folk, funk, soul and jazz to create an exciting and individual fusion, with an emotional intensity which finds its way straight to the hearts of his listeners.

After over 40 years as a sideman recording and performing with artists including Tony Sheridan, Chris Jones and European blues legend Abi Wallenstein, Steve released his first album of all-original material, “Perfect Getaway“ (TZ1473), on Timezone Records in February 2018. His latest album “The Great Divide“ (TZ 1884), recorded with his working band The LiveWires, features 11 new originals and highlights his development as a writer and singer as well as seamlessly integrating his unique harmonica sound into the band context.


On guitar, Jan Mohr combines tone and energy with creative soloing and great sounds. At the age of 24, talented young drummer Henri Jerratsch nails down the backbeat and drives the band. Jeff Walker is a rock solid bassist who has toured with harp legends Magic Dick, James Harman and Billy Branch as well as backing up singer Dana Gillespie.

After two years of playing together and over 50 live concedrts, the LiveWires are tight, groovy and stylistically varied, as their performances at the Harmonica Masters Workshops 2019 impressively demonstrated.


Jan Mohr  -  Guitar
Jeff Walker  -  Bass
Henri Jerratsch  -  Drums


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